BRIEF:  While marketers bombard consumers with billions of digital ads, the good old print ad keeps losing marketshare. That's why the Newspaper Marketing Association asked us to promote print as superior advertising environment.

IDEA:  To position print as the calm answer to the digital madness, we launched a fake company: CONSUMER PENETRATION UNLIMITED® – a bizarre media startup selling ludicrous ad spaces such as Funeral Sponsoring™ or Pre-toilet Ads™.

EXECUTION:  CPU® was boldly introduced by German advertising legend Carsten Heintzsch, who staged a comeback as lunatic media mogul and promoted his ad inventory in a viral video, a crazy corporate website, a mailing and even a mobile-game.

RESULTS:  CPU® conquered the title page of Germany's biggest marketing newspaper and created an industry-wide discussion around the forgotten effectivenes of print advertising. Our website and mobile game won a Webby Award Honoree.



The film created momentum for the campaign, the more so because we casted a real German advertising legend, Carsten Heintzsch (former CCO of BBDO). His comeback as crazy media mogul created a big buzz.



The mailing was directly addressed to media executives.
All illustrations by Stephan Walter.

3d illustration design mailing stephan walter consumer penetration unlimited
3d illustration design mailing stephan walter consumer penetration unlimited



Fuck the UX! The CPU® website was all about driving users nuts and received a Webby Award Honoree 2015 for it. My job was art direction, motion design, 3d animation and rendering.

webby award honoree icon



Marketers stopped whining about gen Y, when CPU® introduced its latest innovation:   CONSUMANIAC™   is a mobile gaming platform that pre-conditions children for excessive consumption behavior! Duping future generations out of their hard-won earnings has never been that easy.

Consumaniac Mobile Game



Client:  Newspaper Marketing Association (ZMG)
Creative Agency:  Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt
Creative Direction:  Nico Ammann, Lothar Müller
Art Direction:  Tobias Ostry, Philipp Unterreiner
Published:  October 2014

Creative Direction:  Nico Ammann, Lothar Müller, Helmut Meyer
Art Direction:  Philipp Unterreiner, Tobias Ostry
Script:  Lothar Müller, Philipp Unterreiner
3D:  Philipp Unterreiner
Director:  Max Millies
Actor:  Carsten Heintzsch
Production:  Mutter und Vater Productions

Illustration:  Stephan Walter
Art Direction:  Nico Ammann, Helmut Meyer, Philipp Unterreiner, Tobias Ostry, Asae Tanaka
Copywriting:  Lothar Müller

Illustration:  Stephan Walter
Art Direction:  Nico Ammann, Philipp Unterreiner, Tobias Ostry
UX Design:   Philipp Unterreiner, Tobias Ostry
Motion Design:   Philipp Unterreiner
3D Animation & Rendering:  Philipp Unterreiner
Development:  Ralf Zimmermann, Robert Georgi
Copywriting:  Lothar Müller, Philipp Unterreiner, Jasmin Pickel
Mini-Videos:  Lothar Müller, Daniel Otterbein

Visual Design:  Tobias Ostry, Philipp Unterreiner
Developers:  Robert Georgi, Ralf Zimmermann
Music:  Lukas Unterreiner
Beta Testing & Approval:  Brent Rambo