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Lara Bluhme

»Lara Bluhme« is a digital campaign that our student team developed for the environmental NGO Bund Naturschutz. We won Gold and Audience Award for idea and creative execution at the German GWA Junior Agency Awards 2011. Sadly our idea wasn't realized by the client.



BRIEF:  Compared to WWF and Greenpeace, the German NGO »Bund Naturschutz« has only little brand awareness and public engagement for its local nature projects. We wanted to change this.

IDEA:  Most social good campaigns are still based on linear storytelling through classic media channels. To cause a change of behaviour however, this is not enough. That's why we encouraged people to take action, by making them part of the story.

EXECUTION:  With a web video we establish a character and a setting: »Lara Bluhme« is a little mechanical flower who wants to bring more nature to the world. That's why she starts building the »Nature Factory«, which is visible on an interactive microsite and gets projected onto famous buildings in three major German cities. The clou: Lara can't finish it alone – by promoting real nature projects via hashtags in social media people contribute to the Nature Factory's growth and get rewarded with realtime visual feedback.





FLORIAN GERSTNER:  Project Coordination, Character Design & Modeling, Rigging, Character Animation, Set Design (Town), Compositing

SIMON AUTENRIETH:  Sounddesign, Sound Arrangement, Music Production, Architectural Design & Modeling, Set Design (Town)

PHILIPP UNTERREINER:  Initial Story / Character Idea & Stylesheets, Storyboard, Music Composition, Character Animation, Set Design (Wasteland)